Whether you are a novice or a seasoned collector, you can benefit from the many valuable services offered by members of PADA.

Inventory: Collectively, PADA dealers offer the largest and most diverse assortment of autographs available anywhere, in all price ranges and of all types. They are an unrivaled source for fine and important autographs.
Expertise: PADA dealers - most of whom have decades of experience - can guide you in all aspects of collecting. They can help you decide what to collect, explain the factors involved in determining autograph prices, and answer any questions in a courteous, informed, and professional manner.
Authentication: PADA dealers authenticate every autograph in their inventories, drawing on their many years of research and expertise. They can help you determine the authenticity of autographs in your collection. (Many individuals had secretaries sign for them, others used stamped, facsimile, or autopen, i.e., machine-generated, signatures).
Conservation: PADA dealers will gladly advise you on the proper methods for storing or displaying your autographs. They can direct you to sources for archival storage materials and framing, and can help you find an expert conservator should your autograph require professional repair.
Appraisals: PADA dealers can evaluate your autographs for insurance, donation, tax, or estate purposes. Their knowledge of the market will assure you of an accurate and fair assessment of the worth of your material.
Auction representation: PADA dealers can act as your agent at auction, inspecting pieces prior to the sale and checking their authenticity, condition, and content against the auction catalogue's description. They can advise you on values and bid for you at the sale, endeavoring to purchase the autographs you want at the lowest possible prices.
Selling your autographs: PADA dealers represent a significant market for purchasing autographs, whether single items or entire collections. They can buy autographs outright, offering you a fair price and immediate payment. If you prefer, a PADA dealer can act as your agent for selling material or can take items on consignment, after fully discussing the terms with you. A PADA dealer can also suggest other options for selling your autographs or donating them to an institution.