PADA members guarantee the authenticity of all autographs sold, without time limit, to the original purchaser. We stand behind our material, so you can buy from us with confidence.
Ours is the strongest and most reliable guarantee in the autograph field. This money-back guarantee is part of PADA's Code of Ethics and its bylaws, and it is reinforced by our members' many years of experience in the business.
Compare PADA's guarantee with that of others. Many dealers and auctioneers who are not PADA members place all kinds of restrictions on their guarantees of authenticity. In their terms of sale, they may restrict the guarantee to a certain time period, sometimes as short as a week or a month. They may not guarantee any autograph sold as part of a group. They may not guarantee any autograph which the buyer has examined first-hand prior to purchase, even if later research proves the piece is not authentic.
In contrast, every member of PADA provides a money-back guarantee of authenticity to the original purchaser, without time limit, on every autograph sold. We are confident that when you compare, you will find that PADA's guarantee is the best in the business.