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Markus Brandes Autographs specializes in buying and selling autographs, letters, quality signed photographs, historical documents, and manuscripts. 

Markus’s passion for autographs was born when, as a 14-year-old, he held in his hands a few handwritten personal lines that he received from Mother Teresa.  For Markus, autographs and manuscripts are more than collectibles or investments:  They convey pieces of individuality, tell stories, and bring the past to life. 

Markus offers a wide variety of autograph material in virtually all fields, from vintage and historical to modern items.  His inventory includes history and politics, including U.S. Presidents, European and other world leaders, royalty, and world military; Judaica and religious leaders; art and literature; explorers and pioneers; science; space and aviation; classical and modern music; vintage and modern movies and entertainment; and sports.

Markus is a member of the Bundesverband der Sachverständiger—the Federal Association of Experts—which qualifies him to testify as an expert witness in forgery cases.  He is the founder of, an alert database of forged, secretarial, and other non-genuine autographs.  For his work against autograph forgeries, Markus was the first dealer whose primary language is not English to be named the Autograph Dealer of the Year by the Autograph Fair Trade Association Ltd. (AFTAL), a U.K.-based dealer association formed to eliminate the market in fake autograph items.  He has also been honored by the German Autograph Society, Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Autographensammler (AdA), for organizing shows such as the “Magic of Handwriting.”

Markus Brandes
Wiesenwinkelstraße 1
8593 Kesswil
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Mobile: +41 (0)79 960 23 92
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Services and Specializations: Cinema, Entertainment, European History, Film, First Ladies, Historical, Historical autographs, History, Jazz, Literature, Medicine, Military, Movies, music, opera, Performing Arts, Politics, Presidents, Royalty, Science, Sports, U.S. Presidents, Vintage Hollywood, Vintage Sports, will authenticate

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