Frameabilia offers framed historical artifacts that are archivally protected.  These artifacts include historical autographs and documents, antique maps and prints, and ancient or rare coins and currency. 

Frameabilia's owner, Rick Badwey, initially dealt with Civil War and Colonial artifacts in the early 1980s. He added historical autographs in the mid-1980s when he realized that these items were actually written or signed by such famous people. 

"To touch a document that George Washington or Queen Elizabeth touched is incredible, to say the least," Rick says.  "Of course, also to touch a coin that was handled by someone who saw Julius Caesar or Jesus Christ is also mind boggling!  Nothing else will get you this close to our past as these historical objects."

 After getting into historical artifacts, Rick needed to frame them to sell at shows.  When he could not find a framer who knew how to protect these items, he started his own framing business in 1989. 

"Through communicating with clients and collectors," Rick says, "it is still evident that many framers are unaware of true conservation framing to our protect our rare treasures.  As a collector and dealer, it saddens me when I see these items not cared for when displayed."

115 S. Union Street, Suite 200
Alexandria, VA  22314
Phone: 703.299.0100
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Services and Specializations: Ancient coins, Antique maps, Archival framing, Currency, Historical autographs, Museum framing, Prints, Rare coins

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