The Raab Collection

The Raab Collection is one of the nation's premier dealers in autographs, manuscripts, documents and signed photographs. The firm specifically seeks out interesting and significant letters that bring to life its motto, “A passion for history, an eye for the exceptional.”

The firm began as Steven S. Raab Autographs in 1989 when Steven, a lawyer and long-time collector, prepared his first catalog in his spare time. The catalogs thrived and the business grew. In 1993, Steven's wife Susan joined the enterprise full time as a co-owner and the business was fully computerized. This began a period of significant innovation which brought Raab Autographs to the attention of the autograph field as a whole. Determined that all of the its offerings should be illustrated so customers could see what they were buying, Raab Autographs became the first autograph dealer to create and page build its own illustrated catalogs. In 1995, it became the first autograph dealer to establish an active Internet web site, and shortly afterwards became the first to have its entire inventory on-line in a fully searchable database. By 1997, what started as a part-time business turned into a full time one for Steven, as he determined to devote full time to autographs. The firm’s name was changed to The Raab Collection in 2004 to better reflect the nature of its offerings and the interests of its clients.

The Raab Collection offers quality over quantity, always seeking out the most unique, fascinating and important letters, manuscripts and documents. It is the place to turn for something exciting or special. The firm concentrates on historical material, though its inventory includes items in science, literature and other fields of interest. These are available on-line and in its renowned illustrated, fixed-price catalogs. The Raab Collection also continues to lead on the internet, with its web site ( providing extensive free information on a variety of key autograph issues. Fully available on-line is its acclaimed book, “The Educated Collector's Guide to Autographs”, that spells out in layman's terms the real-world dynamics in the marketplace today. It emphasizes 1) how to decide what to buy and what to avoid; 2) how to make determinations of quality and value; and 3) how to authenticate autographs. It has a number of other publications, including a book on the Civil War and numerous reference books on military and entertainment autographs. Copies of all its publications can be ordered on-line.

The firm's office is located in suburban Philadelphia, PA and visitors are welcome by appointment.

Steven Raab
Nathan Raab - Associate
P.O. Box 471
Ardmore, PA  19003
Phone: (215) 731-0188
Toll-free: (800) 977-8333
Fax: (610) 446-4514

Services and Specializations: Civil War (US), Military, Politics, Presidents, will appraise, will authenticate

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