Custodians of History

I have been collecting since the early 1970's and dealing since 1983.  My dealing is on a part-time basis, primarily through my website and a printed catalog.  My website only lists some of my inventory.   In addition to researching material for sale I am also an occasional contributor to Manuscript, the journal of the Manuscript Society, and to Autograph Magazine.

My personal interest is in American History, with particular emphasis on political history.   My contribution to developing the hobby is coaching other collectors, particularly newer ones, on how to build their collection with one eye on interesting material and another on long-term values, regardless of budgets.

I buy material directly and sell items on consignment.  While I don't formally authenticate,  I am more than happy to offer advice and experience to collectors on pieces of interest to them,  mine or someone else's.

Areas of particular interest are American History, politics, Supreme Court, space travel and exploration.

Peter Forman
P.O. Box 1598
Plymouth, MA USA  02362
Phone: (508) 747-0804


Services and Specializations: Americana, Aviation/Space, Presidents

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