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PADA is an international organization of dealers in autographs and manuscripts that promotes the highest standards in this field. With its strong guarantee of authenticity, rigorous Code of Ethics, and commitment to professional excellence, PADA is the leading source for knowledgeable, experienced, and ethical autograph dealers and for autographs that are unconditionally guaranteed authentic. These include letters, documents, manuscripts, photographs, and books signed by notable people in a wide variety of fields such as history, politics, literature, music, the arts, science, aviation, business, the law, and vintage entertainment and sports.

You can learn more about our members by visiting the Member Directory page and reading about each dealer's areas of specialization. Most PADA members offer direct access to their extensive stocks on their websites, thus providing the opportunity to see images and descriptions of many thousands of autographs, documents, and manuscripts through this site.

ALERT: Several unscrupulous eBay sellers are issuing what they claim to be Certificates of Authenticity (COAs) sanctioned by PADA. These COAs are fraudulent. The sellers using them are not members of PADA, and caution should be used in dealing with them. PADA does not issue an organizational COA and therefore does not stand behind either those sellers or the items that they offer for sale.